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Castles and surroundings

Spissky castle, Spisska chapter, Levoca

World heritage in Spiš is represented by a unique set of cultural and natural monuments Spišský hrad (Spiš Castle, Church of the Holy Spirit) in Žehra, Spišská Kapitula have been included in this heritage since 1993. Nestled in the travertine country with protected reservations Dreveník and Sivá Brada they create unforgettable scenery. This medieval cultural landscape is truly completed by historic town  Levoča. Many historical monuments have been preerved in this town - St. James Hall, the evengelical church, the medieval pillory and more than 60 town houses. In the second largest church in Slovakia, St. Jacob, is the highest wooden altar in the world of late-gothic-period-the Altar of Our Lady and St. James the Apostle artworks of Master Pavor of Levoča. Also the Levoča town hall from the late 15 th century allegorical city is interesting. The historic center is surrounded by massive Gothic palisade system with length of 2,5 km. It is almost completely preserved - from 15 bastions towers six have been preserved, plus three gates. About the town shines the beautiful Basilica of the visitation.

We reommended:

- Tour around the Spiš Castle 

- Walk under Drevenik

- Visit the Church of the Holy Spirit in Žehra

- Visit Spišské Podhradie and Catedral of St. Martin

- Tour around the historic royal town Levoča

Castle Stara Lubovna, Open-Air-Museum

Castle and museum in Stara Ľubova are two of the most attractive tourist resorts in Slovakia. Lubovniansky castle is one of the most visited castles in Slovakia. Members of Polish and Hungarian prominent aristocratic families worked here. Wery valuable is the museum, which represents a typical wooden folk architecture of the Slovak Village.

We recommended:

- Guided tour around and Stara Lubovna burger house

- The tour around castle

- Tour in the wild nature - Lubovniansky skanzem

- The exhibition in military camp

City Kezmarok and Kezmarsky castle

Kezmarok can be called unique Pearl in Tatras. Its unique historical valuables. Wooden church is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the five surviving churches of its kind in Central Europe. The streets of Kežmarok hide many sights - Lutheran seminary with 150 000 volumes of books, Church of St. Cross and many others. In Kežmarok there is Kezmarok castle - the only completely preserved castle in Spiš.

We recommended:

- Visit evangelical wooden articular church

- Visit the Lutheran church

- Visit the Basilica of St. Cross with exceptional reneissance bell tower

- Tour the castle of Kezmarok and chapel

- Urban Redoubt

- Renaissance bell tower

Manor house Strazky

Manor Strazky is one of major attractions in Spiš. With the church of St. Anne and Gothic - Rennaissance bell tower it forms a complete architectural and urban complex.

Red Monastery, Pieniny, Niedzica

Pieniny National Park (PIENAP) is the smallest but also one of the most beautiful parks, bordering with Poland. National Park and its surrounding area offers scenic views, rare historical monuments, attractive border river rafting on Dunajec on typical wooden rafts or rafting traditional goral meals and year - round tourism opportunities for leisure time.

We recommended:

- Hike Three Crowns

Three Crowns is the most attractive and also the highest peak in the Pieniny mountains. It is located in the Polish part of Pieniny and consist of five limestone clifts towering 520 meters vertically about the Dunajec river: Access Red Monaster - Pieniny - Bridge (the bridge between SR and PL ) - Sromowce way.

- Visiting the Carthusian Monastery, famous not only becouse of the monk Cyprian

- Rafting on river Dunajec on wooden rafts

- Ride on a goral Carriage

- Visitin the castle Niedzica, located only 10 km from the Red Monastery in the Polish village Niedzica. The castle is situated on the lake and is surroanded by nature.