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Caves and surroundings

Belianska cave, Ždiar, Javorina, Zakopane

Belianska cave si one of the most visited caves in Slovakia and is the only publicly accessible cave in the Tatra Mountains. It is located on a hillside above the Belian Tatras in Tatranská Lomnica. 

Ždiar - full of typical Slovak wooden houses is located in the beautiful and popular tourist area Belian Tatras.

Another interesting stop is the village Tatranska Javorina. Architectural landmark of the village is the wooden church, but especially wooden hunting lodge..

Tatra town of Zakopane is the absolute dominance of tourist centers in Poland. Its offer of services is endless. Almost all tourism is concentrated here on the famous Krupówski street and its immediate surroundings, which is a shopping promenade, where are restaurants and cafes with old traditional recipes, internet cafes, boutiques next to famous brand shops which offer typical Polish - skin in all its forms, of wool products and souvenirs made of wood. You can go to the cinema and theater, Tatra Museum, several art galleries, you can the portray or ride to Zakopane in the chariot drawn by horses or sled.

Vazecka cave, skanzem Pribylina

Cave of Važec is one of the most famous caves in northen Slovakia. Although it has not been opened very long, it is known for its stalactites, remarkable discoveries of bones of cave bears and rare cave fauna. Museum in Pribylina is the most visited museum in Liptov. In addition to the exposure of the traditional way of life and various social work and social classes in the past has museum a permanent offer of program events according to the calendar. The objects come from several Liptov villages, mainly from the area flooded by dam Liptovská Mara. These are copies of original Works with many original features.


Dobšinska ice cave, Aragonitova cave, Ranch under a sharp rock, Manor Betliar

Beautiful nature nad wild West, such atmosphere you can enjoy at Ranč pod Ostrou skalou (Ranch under a sharp rock), which is located beside the main road E67, line Rožňava - Poprad Tatry. Another very interesting stop is Dobšinská ľadová jaskyňa (the ice cave), which is the ice jewel of World Heritage. Seven kilometers from the mining town Rožňava is a pictruesque village with a magnificent mansion with original equipment and collections. World War II avoided only three castles in Slovakia: Orlové, Hodkovce and Betliar. Unfortunately, to thsi day is preserved only Andrássy manor in Betliar. If you have enough energy, do not, forget to Aragonite Cave, which is the only of its kind in Europe. You can see various forms of aragonite decor there.

We recommended:

- Stop at the Ranč pod Ostrou skalou (Ranch under a sharp rock)

- Tour the Dobšinská ľadová cave (Ice Cave)

- Tour the Betliar manou house

-  Visit Ochtinská aragonitová cave (Aragonite cave)

Demänovska cave slobody, Demänovska ice cave, Jasna, Chopok

The most beautiful valley of Low Tatras - Demänovska valley - is 16 km long. It stretches from tha main ridge between the peaks of 2043 m Ďumbier, peaks Krupova Holľa 1927 m, 2024 m, Chopok, Dereše 2003 m, 1889 m Poľana. It is situated on the North of Liptov. There are remarkable sceneries, landscapes and esthetic values, Vrbické pleso (lake) and Demänovsky kras. At the heart of the valley is Demänovska ice cave, which is remarkable permanent ice filling, bizarre shapes and large underground spaces, rare cave fauna and rich history. In Demänovska Valley there is resort Jasna, which is popular in summer, not only because of tourism and lifts, but also thanks to the unique Bike Park. In summer you can go  in the footsteps of Karkoolka (Little Red Riding Hood) and learn about flora and fauna of the Low Tatras - nature trails for the whole family and has been operational in the northern and Mini-lift museum. You can try paragliding, rope climbing and use the services of rental bikes, scooters, sports shops, guides and instructors for hiking, Nordic walking, climbing.